Heat stroke can be a killer. So make sure you have your air conditioning  units serviced and if needed get air conditioning repair san diego

It was reported by the CDC that in the US 7,233 died between 1999 and 2009 of heat-related symptoms. Giving an estimated average of 658 people die-ing each year from heat related causes. A person will first experience heat stroke, this is when someones core temperature is 105F or higher. Heat stroke symptoms are nausea, a fever, the person then becomes confused then a loss of consciousness. At this point they need immediate medical assistance. A dog and other other animals are also effected by heat stroke. A dog, who cannot sweat will pant to cool themselves down but heat stroke will occur when they are 104F or higher.

The world record for the hottest temperature on earth is held by Furnace Creek Ranch, Califonia, in the Death Vally desert. On the 10th July 1913 Death Valley reached a high of 134.1F. Now San Diego’s hottest recorded temperature isn’t quite this high but in the height of summer on the 26th September 1963 it reached 111F, more than enough to cause heat stroke to anyone left exposed to the heat for to long.

Air conditioning units are mostly used for comfort but in some causes important to help the venerable from heat related symptoms. People who are over 65 years of age are at great risk along with babies due to their bodies having more difficulties regulating their core temperature. So there should be an air conditioning unit in every hospital, care home and nursery. So make sure to check for one when you are picking care facilities for your loved ones.

It is estimated that there is air conditioning units in over 100 million US homes already and with global warming already effecting the worlds
temperature this number is only going to increase.